Season 1

  • You Had One Job

    Ferrari imploded in Baku in a dramatic double DNF. Are their championship hopes over or is it still too early to say? Porpoising was a major issue yet again and we discuss the narrative around it and why we feel it often falls short. We also announce an exciting guest that we are going to have on the show soon so make sure you stay tuned for that. There’s so much more we didn’t have time to talk about since Elle is still being a busy worker bee out in San Francisco, but at least we got you in and out in under an hour so please clap.

  • The Fish Rots From the Head

    Elle is back this week and we dive right in to the story that has everyone talking: why is Mohammed Ben Sulayem’s foot constantly in his mouth and how does his shoe taste? But seriously now, we tackle the issue of politics in sport and how it has actually NEVER been apolitical. Pull up a chair friends, this took a lot longer than we anticipated, because the FIA is not a serious organization and F1 is in many ways not a serious sport. We also talked about budget woes of various kinds, lingering displeasure about Monaco, and much more.

  • Assholes in Ferraris & Corvettes

    Elle is on vacation this week so Anna is joined by friend of the show and all around amazing human being, RJ Young. RJ’s day job revolves around college football, but he has been watching and loving F1 for 15 years and it shows. We chatted about Monaco’s future on the calendar, F1, the dreaded grid walk, the possibly uncertain futures of drivers like Danny and Mick, Ferrari’s struggles, and SO much more. Listen, we know this episode is long, but we promise it’s worth it.

  • A Case of the Yips

    Sorry again about some audio issues, y’all; Elle is still in San Francisco and recording isn’t optimal. We rambled about stuff like whether Elle is being done over by capitalism and how we would handle the heat of the Spanish GP, but we promise we get to the racing eventually! We talk about Lewis’ amazing drive, George’s incredible defense against Max, the dreaded drone, Carlos’ continuing struggles, whether Checo was screwed over, an update on Indy500 qualifying, and more.

  • A Little Bit of Evil

    Elle is in San Francisco and Anna forgot how the “record” button works so this is actually TAKE TWO of the podcast this week. We’re also sorry for the audio weirdness; we will iron it out for next week, we promise. Do you want to see us on YouTube, dear listeners? Let us know on Twitter or send us an email. Scroll to the end of the show notes for our email address and Twitter handle although you should know them by heart, obviously. Colton Herta did some bonkers shit this past weekend, but is F1 anti-American even though they love our money? George Russell sure seems to be and we are side-eyeing him bigtime. We also gave marketing tips to IndyCar, talked W Series, whether F1 and the FIA might be breaking up and much, much more!

  • The Crop Tops Were Fabulous

    Well, Miami happened and it was kind of snoozer. We’re sure it was a kickass party if you were there, but we didn’t sell one of our kidneys so we couldn’t afford to go and neither could most American fans. Since the race was boring, we instead spent a lot of time bitching about the FIA’s continued jewelry and underwear crusade amidst ACTUAL safety concerns in Miami, clueless team principals, and much more.

  • Will Buxton, Just Be Quiet

    Sorry the episode is so late this week y’all, but as you know we are an independent podcast made with love so sometimes things don’t go to plan. Anyway! There was A TON to talk about this week even though there was no race including some major drama in IndyCar involving a certain ex-F1 driver, Will Buxton being Will Buxton, MIami politics, and much, much more.

  • Eat Pasta, Drive Fasta

    So, Imola happened and we talk about it in our fake Italian accents, but mostly still in our usual American accents :-) We also discuss Mercedes woes, Charles’ unforced error, George under attack, the right way to spell kerb (or curb) and much more!

  • Out of Touch With Reality

    No race? No problem. We take this opportunity to shout out some nice reviews we've gotten, shake our heads at ex-F1 drivers no one has heard of talking smack about Lewis, and more. Most importantly, we delve into the issue of how sporting events like the Miami Grand Prix are often held in majority Black/POC areas against the wishes of residents of those communities.

  • A Little Bit of Karma

    We finally had a race to talk about! But did we? Ehhh, sort of. We talked about the important things, ok? Like Max’s DNF and why we feel no shame at delighting in it. Your girls might be getting a bit into IndyCar after Anna’s appearance on a podcast that covers both F1 and Indy. Are we cheating on F1? Stay tuned to find out! Also, can someone tell us why IndyCar races are SO CHEAP!!! Does anyone know? Anyone?... And why F1 races are so expensive by comparison? Something fishy is going on here! Is it ok for Toto to still be talking shit about Michael Masi? If you’re a queer person, how do you feel about the F1 drivers playing gay for laughs? Who will get the US TV rights to F1 in 2023? All this and so much more; listen now!

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