A Little Bit of Karma

DNFs, drivers’ underwear, and so much more!

We finally had a race to talk about! But did we? Ehhh, sort of. We talked about the important things, ok? Like Max’s DNF and why we feel no shame at delighting in it.

Your girls might be getting a bit into IndyCar after Anna’s appearance on a podcast that covers both F1 and Indy. Are we cheating on F1? Stay tuned to find out! Also, can someone tell us why IndyCar races are SO CHEAP!!! Does anyone know? Anyone?… And why F1 races are so expensive by comparison? Something fishy is going on here!

Is it ok for Toto to still be talking shit about Michael Masi? If you’re a queer person, how do you feel about the F1 drivers playing gay for laughs? Who will get the US TV rights to F1 in 2023? All this and so much more; listen now!

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