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  • Ground Zero for the Culture Wars

    You might think F1 is just about cars racing all over the world, but it’s also ground zero for the culture wars.  We were harshly reminded about that this week as many men in motorsport lost their fucking minds over Barbie memes, Danica Patrick let loose her internalized misogyny, and yet more men complained about kid presenters on the Sky F1 broadcast.  Also, Lando Norris and Max Verstappen (but mainly Lando) put on quite a show in the post-race press conference and we hated everything about it. The entitlement and lack of respect actually made us miss George Russell’s shenanigans. Say less, Lando. SAY LESS. We hope you enjoy the show! Find the show everywhere:  Find Tasha on Twitter, Instagram, or Threads Find Anna on Twitter, TikTok, Threads, and Bluesky Have feedback, comments, or questions for us? Send us an email at

  • Still Dumb, Just Not a Noob

    Friend of the show James Coker is BACK and since he and Anna can’t stay on topic for too long, this episode is a wild ride so brace yourselves.  We get into the news of the week which ranges from serious topics like climate change, to a truly idiotic idea for the sprint races, to Christian shading Toto (and vice versa), and much, much more. Plus, Anna helps you get into IndyCar by telling you which driver you should support in that series based on who you like in F1, and we have an IndyCar airing of grievances. We like you IndyCar, but we fear that no one else ever will unless you up your marketing game and improve your broadcast. We hope you enjoy the show! Find us everywhere:  Find James on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Find Anna on Twitter, Threads, or TikTok.  Have feedback, comments, or questions for us? Send us an email at

  • A Big, Steaming Pile Of Misogyny

    The British GP is over and what a week for McLaren, misogyny, and gatekeeping!  Plus, Mohammed Ben-Sulayem just wants someone talk to, Lawrence Stroll thinks he should be knighted, a Mercedes engineer tweets his feelings, AND SO MUCH MORE so get comfy and start listening neeeoooowww. Find us everywhere:  Find Tasha on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Threads, and her website. Find Anna on Twitter, Threads, or TikTok.  Have feedback, comments, or questions for us? Send us an email at

  • Say It Again, Toto

    The Austrian GP happened and we’ll get there eventually, but first we needed to answer some questions like when will we start valuing the lives of young drivers? When will Helmut Marko go away? When will Danny Ric find shame and not consider going to the Red Bull junior team? Will Max Verstappen ever mature? (spoiler alert: no and stop claiming that it has happened already!) Track limits were the main character of the Austrian GP and we got into the clownishness of that whole situation. Frankly, we don’t understand why every week we have to brainstorm how to improve this shambolic “sport.” No one is paying us for this!  All this plus much, much more so what are you waiting for? Start listening!  Find us everywhere:  Find Tasha on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and her website. Have feedback, comments, or questions for us? Send us an email at

  • Place Fans, Not Race Fans

    It’s an off week for F1 so we decided to take some time for that other series called IndyCar. And who better to take us through the tumultuous history of American open wheel racing than John Oreovicz, author of the seminal Indy Split. But while you might think IndyCar and F1 are two separate universes, they’re not.

  • Deer In The Headlights

    Danny Ricciardo + Will Arnett = disaster. We did not enjoy The Grandstand, an Omaha Productions simulcast on ESPN which will unfortunately be repeated for COTA and Vegas. We could have done it better to be honest. Put us in, coach! We also didn’t enjoy George Russell’s latest ego trip, Sky F1 making fun of fashion in F1 by putting Ted Kravitz in idiotic looking clothes, and the supposed bromance between Lewis, Fernando, and Max.  Stop trying to make fetch happen, F1! These guys aren’t friends! And while we’re at it, maybe stop admiring Lewis for being so gracious and humble. Because we all know why it has to be that way.

  • Hot Shakira Summer

    We promise this is still a Formula One podcast, but Anna and Tasha had the BEST time talking about movies and TV series at the top of the show and also how we may or may not be spies but shhhh, you didn’t hear it from us. Would it have been good for Mick Schumacher to drive for Alpha Tauri? Should Tasha be a driver manager? We think she’s qualified. How will Danny Ric do as a commentator on ESPN and do we really want to see him racing again?  Anna expounds on why everyone should fear Oscar Piastri, we laugh our asses off about Nikita Mazepin’s delusions, dish about Lewis and Shakira, and much more!

  • Tale as Old As Time

    Tasha and Anna are back and we’re joined by one of our fave Formula 1 content creators. He’s brand new to F1 (like SUPER brand new) and he’s living his best life being a clueless motorsport n00b, being embraced by female content creators like us, and making fun of all the same things that we love to make fun of. Come for James’ inexplicable admiring comments about Anna’s kitchen, stay for the discussion of all the important Spanish GP happenings, our continued quest to try to understand Max Verstappen, Indycar driver Will Power shading F1, our ideas for James’ future videos, and so much more!

  • Never Get High On Your Own Supply

    Tasha is back for more and in the wake of the Monaco GP, we feel there are many conversations that need to be had. Why is George so obnoxious? Was Max’s pole lap really that good? Will Lance Stroll ever lose his seat? Can Checo still fight for the title? And finally, what does the reaction to Estie Bestie signal about some F1 fans?

  • Sponsor Us, Clinique!

    Give it up for the incredible Tasha James! Tasha has been a beauty and skincare content creator for over a decade, but then the pandemic hit and there was a little show called Drive to Survive that you might have heard of and the rest, as they say, is history. We bonded instantly over the fact that we both got into F1 the same way, the things we love about the sport, the joy of finding a like-minded community of fans we can vibe with, and so much more!  Tasha then took us on a journey that you won’t want to miss. With her incredible wealth of knowledge, she gave us the F1 teams, but what if they were skincare brands? Honestly, this is the most amazing list; you’ll learn so much and be ready for your next shopping trip to Sephora. We also touched on Lewis to Ferrari rumors and icky Mercedes social content. Get your shit together, Mercedes social team!

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