Season 1

  • Loud, Obnoxious Americans

    We’re back with a vengeance from our brief summer break! Well, maybe more a yawn than a vengeance since Spa was a bit boring this year. We touch on the highlights, such as they were, of the Belgian GP, but also why Stefano Domenicali is a dick, what’s next for Danny Ricardo, other silly season stuff, and much more.

  • Let a Bitch Live

    Ellen steps into the role of #1 driver on this episode as Anna is out of commission and she’s pretty awesome at it. Luckily she’s not alone, as we have the talented Ash Vandelay on this episode for your listening enjoyment. Ash is a whiz at streaming, sim racing, and making all kinds of other content; we don’t know how she does it all! Ash talks about how she got into motorsport, streaming, being a woman in the space, and so much more. We know you’ll love hearing this conversation.

  • You Stole a Brake Disc and My Heart

    We decided to have some fun during the F1 summer break so on this episode we’re talking about a very silly movie called Go Karts. We dive all the way into this tale of a teenage boy in Australia, Jack, who randomly starts karting at a birthday party and turns out to love it and be pretty good at it. What happens then? You’ll have to listen to find out!

  • Revenge Story

    Something called the Hungarian Grand Prix took place this past weekend, but who cares about that when there is driver market DRAMA The silly season is way sillier than it has a right to be and we dive into all of it. Has Danny Ric been treated badly by McLaren? Does Oscar Piastri know what he’s doing? Do Alpine know what they’re doing? Will Fernando ever stop being a jackass? Which F1 driver is the most like Mr. Darcy? Wait… what? You read that right, folks.

  • Denial is a Hell of a Drug

    Bonjour, mes amis! Bienvenue! Uhh… baguette... croissant… anyway, you get the idea. It was the French GP and we’re practically fluent as you can see; c’est fantastique! We muse about whether or not we will miss Paul Ricard, but we will definitely miss the bucket hats which were dorky cuteness personified. We marvel at Ferrari’s incompetence, wonder how this team manages to brainwash their drivers, clap for George Russell pulling a Verstappen, and much more.

  • Running on Vibes

    We welcome back to the show one of our favorite people AND one of the best dressed men in broadcasting. We reflect on the first half of the season, learn some Ferrari history, size up silly season, and much more!

  • Change the Culture

    We want to talk about the racing, but instead we have to break down the shitshow of the fan behavior at the Austrian GP. Everyone has condemned what happened, but where is the urgency, where is the real allyship, where is the meaningful action? We get into the weeds of what’s wrong with the narratives around what happened so listen up and please share the episode with others who need to hear it. But don’t worry, the race does get a mention and Anna also makes a shocking confession about Fernando Alonso!

  • That Was Hot

    It was a bit of a difficult day for us as the US suffered yet another mass shooting, this one literally hitting way too close to home. We processed our feelings a bit and we also have some advice for listeners outside the US when talking to Americans about the many calamities we are facing here. We touched on the news of the US TV rights for F1 staying with ESPN and what it might portend, and also had a lot to say about Jamie Chadwick’s recent detour into transphobia. As per usual, we promise we get to the race eventually, but you know what? You can hear about the race anywhere. You can only get fire political takes right here on Racing Incident.

  • You Gotta Have Game

    Willy T. Ribbs got caught speeding at 13 years old and he’s been going fast ever since. From winning on the formula ladder in Europe, to rubbing shoulders with Muhammed Ali, Paul Newman, and tons of famous racing drivers, to being the first Black man to test a F1 car, he has had an amazing career and life. Listen now to hear Willy’s thoughts on modern single seater racing, fantastic stories of his grandfather, who was a highly influential figure in his life, and much more. We dare you not to be inspired. And yes, we delve into those immortal Miami GP post-race interviews, including one with some guy you may know as Charles Leclerc, but he will always be Chuck to us.

  • Mr. French Toast

    We talk about the race, we swear, but there’s also geography and economics; you’re welcome! There’s a new nickname for Alpha Tauri’s Franz Tost, because he thinks he’s soooo tough and that the current grid are a bunch of wussies apparently. Major eyeroll! Otmar, we’re giving you some side eye too, though for different reasons. Is McLaren shady? Ellen thinks so and she has some interesting points to back up that view. We also talk about Fernando Alonso’s disappointing weekend, whether he will ever retire, and as always, much MUCH more.

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