They Fart Just Like You and Me

Well, it was nice knowing you, Flip. While he’ll still shovel our videos onto YouTube for your viewing enjoyment, he’s leaving us to work on a project of his own. Don’t cry for us, Argentina! It’s probably not the last you’ll see of him and we all know he just wants to be eligible to win tweet of the week 😝

We talk about the race very minimally as per usual and instead delve into fan culture in F1 and beyond and try to answer the question of whether Alonso is really a dick or if there’s a good guy in there somewhere (spoiler alert: there’s not). Also, are the new regulations not working?

And it wouldn’t be Racing Incident without us getting into politics. Is Azerbaijan neutral when it comes to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? Is F1 Academy being screwed by F1 already? All this and much more so get to listening!

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