You’re the Problem, It’s You (Part 2)

There was an agenda for this show, I SWEAR, but with two hilarious guys like Tim and Flip, it went off the rails real quick. It also went on for forever, but you know what? We’re not sorry, we regret nothing, and we hope you enjoy listening or watching to this as much as we enjoyed making it for you <3

You’ll get to know Tim and Flip better on this episode, which is either fantastic or terrifying. For example, which F1 driver would they most want to go on a date with? We know that inquiring minds want this kind of info. But seriously now, we talked about Tim’s burgeoning interest in motorsport, Flip’s sim racing, and both of the fellas’ love of trashy reality TV and our mutual love for Yuki Tsunoda.

And that’s only the beginning! We also tackled, news, rumors, which F1 fanbases are the worst, and much, much more. So sit down, get comfortable, and prepare to be transported into our stream of consciousness weirdness where we held nothing back 😂

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